Designing news formats for a younger audience

We’ve noticed that younger generations aren’t as drawn to traditional news outlets like newspapers or news websites. To keep them engaged, news publishers needs to explore fresh ways to connect.

The publishers are aware of this challenge as they are concerned about “losing a generation” that will thus not become news consumers now and will not in time pass on this habit to their offspring.

We believe that one of the possible solutions for this challenge is Gamification. Gamification. It’s been gaining popularity, with more people embracing gamified apps for various purposes like language learning, fitness tracking, and more. So, we’ve developed NewsArcade, an interactive platform that merges gamification with news to capture the attention of younger readers. – allowing publishers and journalists to keep informing the coming generations.

The Newsarcade format has been designed with a series of gamification methods, that adds to the experience and appeals to the younger audience:

  • Role-playing elements: Users step into the shoes of an aspiring journalist crafting an article.
  • Vibrant visuals: To set NewsArcade apart from traditional news pages, we’ve infused it with lively colors and captivating visual elements.
  • Sliders, bars, and opinion comparisons: Inspired by social media trends, we encourage users to share opinions and compare them with others.
  • Scores and goals: We’ve introduced scoring systems and clear objectives to enhance the gamified experience.
  • Contextual feedback: While creating an article, you get contextual feedback to your choices and thus learns something new about journalism and news in general

We believe this approach can help make the news more attractive to young readers, without compromising on quality, validity and relevance of the news pieces.
We’re excited to unveil the results of NewsArcade soon!
Stay tuned for updates!