NISV’s Venture into Interactive News Exploration

In the ever-evolving landscape of media innovation NewsArcade is at the forefront of a collaborative initiative, involving game developers, researchers, and publishers. This initiative aims to develop an engaging tool for young adults to experience journalism interactively with real news stories. Let’s delve into the specifics—our target audience, the purpose behind our efforts, and the concrete goals that propel us forward.

NewsArcade and NISV’s Role: Breaking It Down
At its core, NewsArcade strives to boost the involvement of young adults in the realm of news through a unique blend of journalism and gamification. For NISV, the focus lies in testing the tool developed through NewsArcade, specifically evaluating its potential usability outside of journalism, such as in libraries and the museum/heritage sector.

Connecting with Librarians and Museum Professionals
We extend a warm invitation to librarians and museum professionals located in the Netherlands for a reason. Librarians, with their expertise in media and news literacy, are well-placed to critically assess the tool. We seek their insights on media literacy learning objectives, usability, and the practicality of NewsArcade in the library setting.

Museum professionals, particularly those working with media literacy, journalism, or education, play a crucial role in our investigations. Their perspectives help us understand how NewsArcade’s interactive approach to news consumption can find relevance in the museum and heritage sector.

Purpose in Action: Boosting News Literacy and Critical Thinking
Our workshops, scheduled for late January and early February 2024, serve as a pivotal testing ground. These sessions, hosted by NISV, aim not only to assess the tool but to kickstart discussions about news consumption and media literacy among young people. Participants are invited to evaluate the tool, offering a hands-on component to the process.

Goals: Beyond Testing, Toward Educational Impact
At NISV, our goal transcends mere testing; we aspire to explore the tool’s potential usefulness in educational environments. Collaborating with various partners, including game developers, journalists, publishers, and researchers, we seek to understand how NewsArcade’s interactive approach could significantly contribute to educational objectives.

Looking Forward: Join the Exploration of NewsArcade
As we navigate this terrain, we invite professionals and enthusiasts alike to join us. Whether you’re a librarian, a museum professional, or someone passionate about media literacy, your insights are crucial. Together, let’s shape a future of interactive news exploration that enhances media literacy and critical thinking.

Interested in participating in the workshop? Contact us at [email protected]. Let’s together contribute to a more informed, media-literate society through NewsArcade.