Unveiling the Dutch Media Week and Museum Night: NewsArcade

From October 2nd to October 8th, 2023, the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (NISV) opened its doors to host the much-anticipated annual Dutch Media Week. This event provided a unique opportunity to explore the evolution of media and its profound influence on individuals and society. Collaborating with a myriad of partners, Dutch Media Week showcased the remarkable advancements and ventures within the Dutch media sector. In this blog post, we delve into how NewsArcade, with a portion of its team hailing from NISV, participated in this event.

For NewsArcade, participating in Dutch Media Week was a promising endeavor. This journey offered two distinct opportunities: the Business & Innovation Day and the Backstage Day, held on the 3rd and 6th of October, respectively. These two days not only explored different themes but also catered to diverse audiences. NewsArcade’s participation was strategically aligned with its objectives of disseminating information and gaining insights.

Business & Innovation Day:

On the Business & Innovation Day, the focus was squarely on presenting the various business models that the NewsArcade project is set to offer broadcasters upon project completion. Moreover, the day also highlighted the wide array of business opportunities and revenue streams that private journalists or organizations can expect by integrating NewsArcade into their media ventures. The expected audience for this event comprised individuals seeking to tap into new opportunities for expanding their businesses and for journalists eager to reach a wider audience.

Backstage Day:

The Backstage Day was perfectly suited for NISV’s team as it primarily targeted media students of various ages. Here, the focus shifted from discussing models and revenue streams to the inner workings of the NewsArcade project. The presentation explored the project’s methodology, the critical role of stakeholders, and the collaborative efforts required for the success of such a large-scale project. It provided media students with an invaluable glimpse into the world of media innovation. With both topics and their respective audiences secured, NISV embarked on creating two presentations, each tailored to meet the expectations and interests of the target audience.


In total, around 40 individuals were engaged during these presentations. While not the largest crowd, it was a valuable opportunity to connect with individuals genuinely interested in the topics NewsArcade is working on. After the presentations, educators from various levels and ages of education approached us, keen to explore potential roles in the NewsArcade project in the future.

The long-term outcomes of this participation are promising. They include further improvement of the NewsArcade tool and an increased initial adoption once it launches, thanks to the initial interest generated prior to the release date. NewsArcade is committed to transforming the media landscape, and Dutch Media Week was a significant step in the right direction.

Dutch Media Week is not just a platform for showcasing innovations in the media sector; it is a testament to how organizations like NewsArcade are actively contributing to the evolution of media. With the right mix of presentations and audiences, NISV and NewsArcade seized the opportunity to make a lasting impact. This event showcased that the future of media is indeed bright, and NewsArcade is leading the way.

And while the Museum Night in The Hague wasn’t part of the Dutch Media Week, on the 7th of October, NISV was at MuseumNacht (Museum Night) in The Hague. Museum Night is an event where museums keep their doors open until late and often hold events, displays, or a more adult selection of food and beverages for the night.

Here we were able to set up a stand that displayed a QR code that granted access to a “What News Style are you” personality questionnaire. The long-term results include an increased interest in the project after conversing with the various participants and highlighting the NewsArcade project and what it might be able to provide those of various news styles. If you would like to try our questionnaire go HERE